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Workshops Offered

Workshops that make Teaching more effective & exciting


  1. Multiple Intelligences* - Using MI to make classes more interactive & interesting

  2. Learning Styles - Understanding Learning styles and how we can maximize learning using this understanding

  3. Making Mathematics more meaningful

  4. Project Based Learning 

  5. Understanding and Developing high Self-esteem

  6. Developing Life skills or success skills 

  7. Effective Classroom Management

  8. Becoming the favorite teacher of children

  9. Growth Mindset

  10. Education Choice 

  11. 4 Square Writing & So Much More

  12. Concept Maps & Organizers

  13. Types of Questions: Unlocking the keys to answer any question

  14. Bloom's Taxonomy 

  15. Accommodations &Modifications 

  16. Differentiated Classroom & Instruction 

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