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January 05, 2018

Children Story

This year I am over Children's Story at church, I take this very seriously because its a part of planting a seed in a child's life about JESUS. This year my goal is to help children understand who God is. This came together when I shared this thought with other members of my church and even my pastor. One of my AMAZING church members had the most Amazing children's book that would help me do this. This would break down the Names of God and even had stories to go with them. I will be starting this program this week at my church and I am so excited for what God will do. Check out this amazing book below. 

November 04, 2017

Legendary Acheievement Award

Today at church I was Awarded the Legendary Achievement Award during my church's homecoming service. This award was honored to me because of something I completed when I was 17 years old. I became the youngest Master Guide in the history of the North American Division of Seventh Day Adventist. I love the Pathfinder program and as a teen had complete every book the only next thing to do was the Master Guide Program so in classes filled with adults I decided with the encouragement of my Pathfinder Director English to take the class. To this very day, I am glad I did, the skills I have learned in the Master Guide program built the leader I am. 

July 30, 2017

Moving Home

When most people talk about moving home it can sometimes seem dreadful; but not for me. I have not lived in Miami for over 10 years and honestly, I miss it! There is nothing like HOME. A big part of that home for me is my home church Tabernacle SDA Church. My Church Family helped my mother build a strong foundation for me, and that foundation has given me the wisdom to do so much. In times of weakness, the foundation gave me the strength to go on and keep my feet planted. The church was the first place I was given the chance to become a teacher in the Pathfinder program as a counselor; I was given a curriculum and had to teach it to my peers. I can't wait to get home and help out at my home church. Giving back to the church that gave me so much. It is because of my mother, the members, the pastors and most of all God that I am the person I am today. 

August 20, 2017

In Church ALL DAY!

I don't want to spend all my day in Church!  I know it sounds bad but understand where I am coming from before you pass judgment. I would like to come to church hear a good word (that is SHORT) sing a song or two and then Go Out and help other apply the message I just got in the church to the world around me. I can't do that if Church stays in till 3:00 pm come on we have got to do better.  So please if you see me walk out do not get mad at me please know I am going to reach someone outside the church doors too.

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