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Customized Approach

As a teacher, I specialize in taking a customized approach with every student. As a tutor, I tailor the lesson goals to the student needs! If the student is struggling with one aspect of the material, the student and I can focus on that. Once I discover the areas of improvement, with a simple assessment, I create a plan to help your student improve their level of understanding of the material. I am here to help you reach your goals.

  • A deeper understanding of your child’s individual needs Online Assessment.

  • A personal and adaptive learning plan created just for your child to get the best results.

  • Convenient scheduling and affordable hourly rates of $30 with flexible payment options.

Online Assessment

The online assessments pinpoint the missing skills and clearly map student progress. Allowing me to find and fix learning gaps with adaptive, differentiated learning in all K-8 subjects. Thus, helping struggling learners quickly catch up to grade level and close learning gaps. Providing parent, awareness of the program every step of the way with a plan of action. The online program can be accessed even at home. 


Program Key: How this Works

The key to any program is its Layout:

Assess- I will evaluate your child’s strengths and needs, through the online assessment so I know exactly where to start.

Plan- I will create a personal learning plan that’s unique to your child, so he or she can achieve success quickly and share the plan with you as well as seek your input in the plan of action.

Teach- As a teacher Tutor, I guide and instruct the student in our sessions. And adapt to his or her skill level and pace.

Apply- Your student will be able to apply what they are learning in sessions to their school work.

Results matter to you and to me! Helping a student understand how they learn is very important. I measure and reward progress to engage them. 

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