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Making Time For You! My Top 10 List to Relax!

Teacher burn out is real! Remember you need to take care of you or you won't be good for anyone. Here are my best top 10 ways teachers can relax.

1. Read a book -Escaping a long day by snuggling up with a good book can be a great way to relax.

2. Do a craft- Getting creative with some crafting can be a great way to bust stress and have fun. For example I keep a Bible Journal it is like making a Bible Scrapbook about a section I have read.

3. Get a massage-Once every two months I treat myself to a massage because it is a great stress reliever it really makes a world of difference.

4. Take a hot bath or a steam shower- This is my favorite thing to do after a long stressful day; bubbles or just bath salt and combine it with some good music, a favorite candle, and a novel.

5. Talk with a friend - A good heart to heart vent session with a close friend is exactly what’s needed to let go.

6. Go out for dessert and coffee - the best thing is sometimes just going out for me and treating myself.

7. Get your Nails and or Feet done- Sometimes a little pampering can really boost our moods. I will say I am not big on my nails but my FEET oh! I feel like I am on my feet all the time so I do get my feet done once a month because I use the for work so much!

8. Laugh so hard you cry -Laughter is great medicine. I will treat myself to a comedies show at the Improve at least once every 2 months or so.

9. Take a walk or exercise-As little as 5 minutes of moderate exercise can boost your mood. Their is a park I pass on my way from school to home and I will stop and walk the path twice or three times and I really enjoy this me time.

10. Dance Session- Turn on music and just let your self go have fun!

These are just my top 10 favorite things i love to do for me to relax. Pick two or three stress relievers to try out this week. See if it makes a difference. You deserve it.I hope this helps because You are Amazing!

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