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I Don't Teach Halloween

As a christian and as a teacher at a christian school I do not teach Halloween themed activities that would confused my students. It is not my belief that anyone really teachers Halloween but you know what I mean all the Halloween activities. Even when I was in public school I chose not so yet I was not a Halloween Grinch! I understand that everyone is different and have different beliefs I just explain its not really the focus of my class during that time of the year. Yet as an educator I do understand how to monopolize on the time of year to benefit the learning in my classroom. October is a great month to do hands on activities that my students can learn from. For example, I had a classroom crime scene to help teach gathering details and reading for context clues students had to solve a crime. Another great thing to teach is in science the human skeleton and the organs or even talk about animals, fossilizes and or dinosaurs. In math I also take the chapter we are working on and make a class escape room. So if you are a christian teacher and you are worried about teaching during the month of October don't worry "You Got This!"

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