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My Class Theme 2018-2019

This year is the year for changing my class theme, I keep a theme for 2 years mostly for the cost effectiveness of the supplies and theme I pick. Planning the theme change always starts the year before I change and the summer of the change. I start looking for a motto of my class that will set for a strong theme. Some times I also look at birthday party themes to pick a class theme and not just a teacher store theme. This year that motto for me was "A strong Foundation" so I started looking around and what came to mind was building blocks or LEGOs. So the full class motto is "Building a Strong Foundation in all Subjects"

Most of the class decorations came from Walmart, Dollar Tree and 5 Below. I really don't use most teacher stores because they are just so expensive and every teacher then has the same theme so I try to go off the books sometimes and make mine up. Even though I did Pinterest this class theme and got some great inspiration.

Students could use Building Blocks in every subjects in English students can build a scene and write about it, you can also give students a lego man and they can create a story using that lego man. Math they can be used as tools to understand math skills, Building Blocks are used very well with STEM activities.

The class over all has loved this theme and I can not wait to do more with it for 2019-2020.

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