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My Class Theme 2016-2018

I used this theme for 2 years as I have done with most of my themes. This year was no different my them was "EMOJI". The base of pick this theme was to use the emojis to get students to change how they feel about subjects they thought were hard. Allowing students to understand how they feel about a subject and a task can affect how they preform. Most students loved this and got that concept.

I have used this theme with 5-8th grade students. I also moved from one state to another and used it with a whole set of other students it works well with most students I would say from 4th grade and up.

Kids now of days are so emotional and this theme also helped me meet the emotional needs of my students. This allowed me time to talk to students about healthy ways to express them selves. I called it Emotion Check in and every wednsday would check in with each student one on one and even group session to express how they were feeling that week. We talked about coping skills that we could use when needed.

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