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Summer Planning: SMART planning

Spring Cleaning is my Start of Summer Planning!

It is that time of year where I start working on my plans for the next school year. No lie, right now I have already review what lesson I will like to teach for next year, my new class reading book list and projects that I would like to add to my class. I start early due to wanting to enjoy my summer. This

summer will be a very busy one so what ever I can do now to get things out of the way I am doing.

I have also started to pack up things that are not in use right now in my classroom. I am also making my shopping list of things to replace and new things to buy. If I know now what I want when I see it I can get it "If its on a great sale". This is the time of year I also looking for things that I may not want but my students may want to take so before I throw away I ask them..."One man's trash is another man's treasure". I also make a helpful box of things for New Teachers so if there is something I have that is still good I can pass along.

This summer I am the Director of the HOPE Summer Camp. This is going to be a fun hands-on STEM camp for 4 weeks during the summer. I am really excited about this camp because I have made the set up the curriculum myself for the camp and this is one of the biggest plans I have made. This will show case my leadership skills, this dose not mean this will be easy for me. I struggle with letting go and allowing others to help see the vision and carry out what plans I have made. Yet I am willing to try, I have grown so much and I think and believe I am up for this task and I have a great team that is backing me and I do not want to let them down.

So in your summer planning think SMART!

System -Make a system that works for you

Management -If you manage what you have it is less you will have to spend the next year Attachable- Find more then one use for what you have that adds value to it Resource- Think Reduce, Reuse, Recycle get the most out of what you have

Tools- These are your educational tools and should be treated as such

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