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Project Based Learning

Project Based Learning (PBL) is an approach that allows students to find the answer to a driving question. This is great when added STEM or STEAM in your class Science, Technology, Engineering , Art, and Math. However PBL can be used in every subject. Giving a PBL in class can allow students to think out side of the box. Allowing them to take ownership as well of their education. Students are given choice and voice when giving a PBL and can allow time for feedback from the teacher. As the teacher I still taught skills and concepts that highlight the skills and benchmarks from the curriculum. I also provided my students with project sheet that listed my expectation and a grading rubric, this did not limit their creation. The key to PBL is to help students gain the 21 century skills that are demeaned of them inside and outside of the classroom like critical thinking and working with others. This also gives student an active role in their learning. Students take ownership because they have a voice and can share their projects, this has been proven to enhance the quality of the projects. Giving student check in points, to do list allows you as the teacher to also know that they are not waiting till the last minute to do the task. PBL has change my class learning and I love it.

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