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All Students Can Learn

Growth Mindset is the way I have taught for years; we just have a new name for it! Growth Mindset encourages not only students but everyone to understand that learning can always grow. You have the ability to learn anything and everything. You can practice and become better. Mastering something will lead you to master more. Failures are seen as obstacles that can be overcome.

This was proven the year I taught 7th grade Math class, for this class I noticed our text book was an advance math book. I looked at the student math assessment from past years and could not understand how I was going to use this text book. I never told the student we were using an advance math text book. The math was hard but I kept pushing the students, we learned the skills and how we apply this math in real life. Most students felt proud when they would get great grades. At the end of the year I told the student I had a big secret I had to tell them. I told them we did the Advance book and I want to prove to them they could do anything they put their mind to.

From that class I have understand that our attitude towards what we learn plays a huge rule on how we learn and how far we can push our self to learn something. A growth mindset helps us to push to learn and grow. It allows us to understand that we have to believe that we can learn and that we can learn. Which brings me to a quote I learned in college "All students can learn!"

Growth Mindset was brought to us by way of Carol S. Dweck, she is the Lewis and Virginia Eaton Professor of Psychology at Stanford University.

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