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Classroom Library

The function of a classroom library is to support reading and writing instruction The classroom library should have books and other media materials to support student learning in all of the daily curriculum subjects. Include materials related to science, health, mathematics, history, economics, geography, music, art, drama, dance, languages, grammar, spelling, literature, computers, and other topics. Building an adequate collection of fiction and nonfiction materials at different levels to accommodate the interests and abilities of students. Every summer I pull and add new books to my classroom library. During the school year when adding new books I host a Book Tasting and highlight the Books on the top shelf.

Classroom library provides a place for teachers to teach and children to learn how to use books and how to select books they would like to read. Students are exposed to a variety of book genres and other reading materials in a smaller and more controlled environment that allows they to have a choice. I have also found that adding comic books to my library have increased the interaction of my male students. I also use my classroom library to teach students how to take care of books, I stress to them that I have bought these books because I love reading them and that some of them I have had for years, to make sure that others get to enjoy them just as us we have to keep them in good care. I also use my classroom library as a way to teach my students how to be organized, everything has a place and we need to put things back where we pull them from.

The classroom library is a resource for independent reading, personal exploration, project research, and individual assessment. The students know how to use every tool in our class library to enhance their education. In my class we have started our Recommendation List of books, where students can post the title of books and why they recommend others to read them. We have also done a 1,000 book challenge for the year. Students have even started they own book club.

A classroom library is a very important part to every classroom even though we are moving to a digital age books are still very important to the development of a child's education and building a strong reader.

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