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My Review of Bloomz


Bloomz is a parent-teacher communication apps that can also be used on computers and tablets. It provides the teacher a simple way to effectively communicate with classroom parents. Parents can sign up to receive app, email, or text notifications Teachers have access to a central website and can control a wide variety of factors, from how parents communicate. Bloomz's many features are helpful tools such as those to schedule parent-teacher conferences, request and organize volunteer help, or send out photo updates of student activities. A attendance and behavior management and reporting option awards students points for good behavior. Students & parents can watch a flower grow on their page as the points grow.

I did set my parents up on bloomz at our open house meeting at the start of the year. The part about this I loved the most was I never had to give out my personal cell phone number. I could post photos from class trips on the trips and parents could see how much fun we were having. I also did add my administrator so he could be notice of my class events and see what I was sending as well so he can hold me accountable for information going home. I have used this app even for documenting of notice and message that I have sent to parents. This is great because it tell you who have seen the notice and who has not so I can also hold parents accountable and I can do all this in the palm of my hand.

You can find Bloomz in your app store or online at its website

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