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I remember in college I had one Professor who challenge us as future educators to find one area we could really impact one that created a passion in us as teachers. I thought long about the challenge and for weeks was at road block; how could I impact a child in a away maybe others have not. I thought back to my childhood and I loved reading even though I was dyslexic. My mom made sure we had books in our home. I didn't remember ever a teacher giving me a book other then the school text book. Just like a light bulb turning on that was it, BOOKS! I would buy my students books so that they could start or add to their home library. It's been 5 years and this is something I think I will keep doing every year. The students parents over the years say that it has encourage them to buy more books as well. I was able to get more parents involved when I started our 1,000 books challenge for the year. This not only motivated parents but also their child to read. In a few weeks of starting the challenge I noticed reading levels of my students improving.

I think what brought the most joy is when they started to bring in their books from home and started their own underground book club. They would share books and recommend books to others.

This pass Spring Break I had the joy to go back to my old state and meet up with some of my past students that are now in high school. And one of them was a 10th graded in High school now, she ask if I would come over and say hello to her family, when I came over to her house she showed me her library that she stated and she said "Ms. C, do you what to see my fist book that started my library?" Of course I did I was excited to see what she was going to take off the shelf, the book was "Pay if Forward" the book I gave her in 8th grade. I just cried she said "Thank you, its because of you giving me this book that I wanted to start my home library." She went on to tell me she has all 5 of the books I gave them that year and showed me the new ones she has added since then. Planting a seed for reading was all I was trying to do and to see how it has bloomed in her life made me feel proud.

A home library is so important to growing readers. Students who read more independently soon fine a love for reading. The home libraries also had a tremendous impact on the family, their parents, siblings, cousins, and friends.

So if you are looking for ways to increase reading try buying a student a book. Host a Family Reading night at your school. Allow students to read to a lower grade. Read in silly voices and see a quickly your students will fall in love with reading.

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