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Displacement But Not Really

So this school year I took a new job at a new school and I really do loved it but sometimes I question the choice but than I am remind why I am here. My new school gave me the impression I would have a classroom but as you know sometimes things go unplanned. My new school is in the middle of a new building project and has just recently gotten a stop work order from the city right before school starts.

So the classroom I had was given to a lower grade due to safety reason and my class and a few others are displaced. This was very sad and discouraging as a teacher. That wasn't even the worse part; I am sharing a open space with two other grades. I really walked into problem with hate in my heart for this issue. I felt like there was no room for my students or me. I felt like learning would be so hard and at times it is hard but we push through as a class.

One day driving into work I was stopped at a red light and watched birds on a wire the line was full of them but for some reason a new bird would fly down to sit on the wire and the rest would move down. This kept happening a new bird and the rest moved down on and on maybe about 5-6 birds all while I was waiting on the light (long light). I started to drive at the sight of the green light and than it hit me if birds could make room on what looked like a full line there is room in my school for my students and me. Not just that there is room for us ALL. I may not always be easy but life is not always easy and sometimes you have to hang in there and make it till the end of the road before you see the benefit of the path.

Learning this lesson I think will also help my students in life realized the same thing. That day I rushed to school and could not wait to greet my students to share with them the story of the birds on the wire.

To you: sometimes this path of being a teacher can be hard but it's worth it for the successes of our students really on how we show them to get through the rough days. So always try to find the postive side and when you can't be human and show them sometimes it's hard but together we can make it through the day.

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