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How to Make Time for YOU!

With everything going on you seem to remember everything, your work load, grading, making time for students, parents, family, friends; but have you forgotten YOU?

I realized I forgot about me when it was pointed out my a fellow co-worker. It was September and in Alabama it was starting to get cold so a co-worker and I went shopping after school one day. I was this amazing coat at a store and it was perfect blue but it really just cost to much, so I passed it up. Her and I had a discussion about work, the coat and our lives and moved on to the next store. Once again in the next store the identical coat was there; maybe it was meant to be I looked at the tag and again I thought it was too much, less than the last store but still too much for a coat. My co-worker said to me "You would spend $100 quickly on your class but why not on your self Get the Coat or I will for you!" She was so right; it was true I would spend it on my class but not on myself; I had to think about it but the coat was priced a lot less at this store than the last store. I got the coat and loved it.

Since than I have set up one major rule for myself; I will get a pedicure and massage monthly! I am on my feet a lot and standing most of my day. Not only is this much needed me time but also taking care of myself. This makes me feel like I am doing something that is all about just me and it make me feel good.

Another great rule I have is I take NO work HOME! I know you're asking "how can that be as a teacher?" Well its true I don't do work at home I take it to Starbucks! Home is my peace of mind. So yes I am that teacher at Starbucks on Sundays & Thursdays doing lesson plans & grades. It really is a great place to do work. I do this because I want to keep my home my place of serenity.

So I would like to encourag you to do somethings just for yourself after all you are an important part of your class.

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