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Setting a Class Budget

Before you get to CRAZY with your spending let's reality check somethings. You are a person and have responsibilities! I get it our school systems do not have all the supplies we need, and not all parents understand the supplies you ask for but wait before you use your whole check to support your classroom. DO NOT, DO NOT use your WHOLE CHECK on your classroom.

As a teacher you can only claim $250.00 with this information I will show you my classroom budget.

MY CLASS BUDGET Total $250.00

1st Quarter -$100- Back to School Supplies, Class Decor, Reward Bin

2nd Quarter $50.00 -Special Activities & Holidays Gifts

3rd Quarter $50.00- Special Activities, Valentines Day Gift, Replenishing Supplies, Reward Bin

4th Quarter $50.00- End of the year Gifts & Activities

*I buy the $1.00 Scholastic Books as gifts for the Gift events which are Christmas, Valentines and Birthday maybe one of two more

I keep all records of payment and claim them on my taxes. If you would like to take less from your check seek approval from your administration to open a class store or even just ask students to place any spare change they don't want once they have broken a dollar you will be surprise you students can fund this themselves.

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