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Do What I Say; Not What I Do!

So this summer I have been helping my very go friend and former co-worker. She is an AMAZING 1st and 2nd grade teacher and this summer she deiced to take a summer class. Being the good friend that I am I offered to help. The class she was taking was very good it was about special education.

All summer one thing kept bothering me as we moved on in the class and than one day It hit me. I HATE THE WAY WE ARE TAUGHT TO BE TEACHERS! They tell us children attention spans are 30-45 min. depending on grade level and adults are 45-60 min. yet they expect us to sit through a long lecture for 3 hours. Oh, just kill me now! This is my favorite ones they tell us we should give students examples of what we expect of them and than we are given assessments or task and have no clue on what is begin asked of us.

As Teachers and Administration, School Systems we really need to work on our communication across the board it is our down fall. If we do not check it soon our school will soon be pulled in many directions.

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