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Host An Art Gallery

I absolutely loved hosting my first class art gallery. I did this this past school year and parents and the community loved it. All year I told my students I would be collecting their art work and they will not be able to take it home. At the end of the year students were shock to see how much art they have done and the type of skills they have learned about. Students hosted this event as the tour guides discussing the art and the skills; giving details about the showcase art. Parents and guest moved around the room to each set of art style. Parents and my school administrations were very impressed with the work.

He are the steps I took to plan an Art Gallery:


1. Set a Date- I did this at the start of my year for the event to take place in May

2. Find a Location - Just used our school extra room

3. Refreshments- I did offer refreshments

4. Finalize Plans- Plans for me we finalized in January

5. Discuss with Students the Event- Students were on board for the event

5. Send out Invites- I sent out invites by way of student in April

4.Host the Event -May we hosted the event

Set Up

1. Collect all Art Work - By March I had all the art work I needed

2. Give student the chance to pick which art they will like to show case- Students picked what they would like to do for the art gallery

3.Set up you Art Gallery- With the help of student all the art work was put up the week of the event date.

4. Students listed as your tour guides give them time to practice - I had the students practice 2 day in the Art Gallery. Key point if the student mastered the lesson this could be done off the top of their head.


1. Take a Art Trip: I took my student to and art museum to see how their art will be show case and also my expectation for our Art Gallery

2. Give Home Art Projects- Projects that we could not get done in class students needed to complet at home and bring back.

Here are a few photos from my students Art Gallery we also did wood and wier scapulars

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