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FREE, Professional Development with Certificate!

So once again my favorite saying meets my teach life, "If it's Free, it's for ME!" Need to get the hours for Professional Development (PD) but have not kept track of hours? Need PD but your school can't afford to send you to a workshop? Need a certificate for proof of hours? Here are my 2 Favorite sites that I use for PD hours.


This school year I took amazing workshops for FREE with accredited hours of PD certificated. The site is Education Closet.

On Education Closet you can sign in and log on to a list of offered workshops. Most workshops come with an equivalent of time certificate and Notes form the workshop. Education Closet mostly deals with The Arts integration. I have integrated a lot of the information into my classroom.


With Ed Web you will need to sign up for FREE and then you can pick from a list of live workshops and your certification hours will be emailed to you. I love Ed Web, I have found workshop that fit my free time from a list of workshops that meets my needs as a teacher. I love that I am also sent the day before and day of a reminder of the workshop I have signed up for. Ed web also provides workshops on a variety of subjects and topics. I will normally log on at the start of the month and pick my workshops and as the month goes on just wait for my email reminder but it automatically is added to my email calendar.

***Another one I love using but have not gotten a certificate from is Discovery Education. Discovery Education will host live events and I usually can submit my registration for the workshop to my school and district and receive credit that way so it is an option as well.

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