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My Top 5 Ways to Build a Classroom Library Frugally

In college I was asked "As a teacher what would be one thing I wanted to make sure every student could get out of my class?" I had to think about it but then it hit me I wanted every child to be able to have their own library at home. My professor said "That is amazing but it will cost you a lot of money to make that happen." Well she was right! But my number one rule is never pay full price.

So I tell all my friends "I never buy anything full price!" that so me. I love reading and I think that every child should have access to books. Books can get expensive! So here are my top 5 places to find AMAZING BOOKS for next to nothing or even FREE!

1. Thrift / Used Books Stores-

You can find books for just cents.

2. Public Library-

Most Libraries rotate out books once the shelves are filled and offer these books in FREE sections or ask the information desk if they offer this section. Libraries will even have their own used book store attached and you can find books for cents.

3.Yard Sales-

One's man trash is another's Treasure. You can always find books at yard sales and most are always under a buck!

4.Other Teachers -

As years move on teachers are known for changing out books. At your school or a school in the area start a book swap with other teachers.

5. Scholastic-

Most teachers don't know that every month scholastic will offer a book for $1.00 I will normally get amazing books off the $1.00 list as class gifts to my students to build their home library. Thanks to the dollar book from scholastic in a school year most of my students have been given 5-8 books, due to the class size amount of books given changes. These books I buy as class sets and give them out during back to school, holidays as gifts and birthday gifts. In each book I write a note to the student and years later they know when and where the book came from. A bonus about this is I normally keep my scholastic order invoice to claim on my taxes as you you can claim up to $250.00 as a teacher.

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