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PD Overload

We have all been there; in a Professional Development (PD) workshop that is full of great ideas but sometimes we can feel overloaded. So how do we apply all that good stuff we just got? WE DON'T! The binder they gave us just sits on our book shelf or if your like me the trunk of my car. Here are my top 3 ways you can implement what you have learned form a PD workshop.

1. Pick 1 or 2 ideas

The key to using what you have gotten from a workshop is not trying to use everything but maybe just one or two you can see about implementing into your classroom. Once you get the hang of the idea then you can add a new one or if it doesn't work in your class try another.

2. Implement one School wide or Grade Wide

Some ideas can be used school wide or even grade level wide. Somethings may work better with students in K-2 that just don't work with 3rd-5th grade or 6th-8th and so on. So try even breaking down ideas to grade level.

3. Quarter Implement

With quick planing during your workshop session you could take notes jotting down what you would like to implement in your classroom and add them in by school quarters or terms. This helps to keep things fresh in your class and gives students something to look forward too. It also shows students that even in the real world policies and tasks can change. This will help students adapt to change.

With this information I hope your binder like mine can be put to some use.

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