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My Top 5 Stores for Teachers

I shop all the time for my class...I know I am working on it. I have set my self a quarter budget; Yes its just that bad. But when I do shop for my classroom there are just a few stores that most likely will get that green from me. These are my favorite stores that I can always find things for my class. My top 5 stores are listed with what I have found and used in my classroom.

1. Dollar Tree

DO NOT Sleep on the Dollar Tree! This store has come a long way. The teacher section is so Amazing from cut out letters to science boards and workbooks. I shop also in other parts of the store as well for example; Kitchen timers for my centers, storage, cleaning products, snacks for the kids or class store, STEM supplies, projects and so much more. You can also order in BULK online, send it to the school or pick it up at a store near you. EVERYTHING is $1.00 but don't let that fool you; you could walk in like me all the time with the thought of just getting two things and have spent $30.00.

2. Dirt Cheap

So this store is a bargain store and may not be in every city but if there is one near you I would say check it weekly. Hopefully yours is like mine, organized and easy to shop. I will say I have been in a few that were hard to shop in and I had to just walk out. It may be a hit and miss sometimes. But you can't beat school supplies for sometimes as low as 10 cents. Not just school supplies but books and great gifts to fill your reward bin. Remember to check online to see where one near you can be found.

3. Ollie's

Another bargain shop and may not be in every city. Ollie's is great for teaching supplies, games, snacks, and books for your classroom. I have found this store to be great when shopping for bulk items I need for class parties and Holiday events for school.

4. 5 Below

I LOVE 5 Below! Everything in this store is $5.00 or under. I have gotten Flexible seating, school supplies, game, stem and robotics kits, reward and workbooks. You can also order online. This store also may not be in your city but they are expanding stores monthly so one may be coming soon.

5. Target

Last but not least, Target! Now this may be unfair since this was my favorite job in college for 3 years but its Target's Quality of product that I appreciate as a teacher. It may be one of the most expensive stores on my list but I know what I will buy from Target will last long. Target now has a unique school supply section as well. Don't for get to check out the See Spot Save section of the store, where products can be found for $5.00 and less.

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