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Love it, Hate it: You still have to Teach it...

As a teacher we don't have a choice of subjects to teach and sometimes this means content as well. So why in the world do I run into teachers who think that it is OK not to teach math because they are not conformable with it... ARE you SERIOUS; did you just ask me if you "have to teach that?" So let's just set the record straight EVEN if you are NOT Conformable teaching a subject you MUST teach the Curriculum.

I get it not every one is great with Fractions; I understand that but students still need to learn the skill. So let me share a story with you. I have been teaching for 2 years and I have taught 3rd-5th grade and I loved it, knew the curriculum and loved the work load. Coming to the end of my 2nd year my Principal asked me "How do you feel about moving to the 7th-8th grade?" Well with out thinking I said "I can do that!"

What popped into my mind honestly right after was what my mentor told me "The more grades level you can teach, the more flexible and the school will see your value. They know you can teach any level." I looked at the 7-8th grade math and wanted to say "Roger We Have A Problem!" It has been 15 years or more since I even a seen an 8th grade math book. So that summer I took an 8th grade math class and during that class I fell in love with Math all over again. I also took a teacher math workshop to learn about new hands on activities.The work I did during the summer may have added to my summer work load but It was well worth being ready to teach my students math.

I get it we are all not going to do that but you can use the resource that are at your finger tips to teach yourself with subjects that may not be at your mastery level.

So here are my top 5 options

1. Look for Workshops in your area

2. Co-Teach

3. Youtube

4. Teacher Pay Teacher


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